Death Did Not Defeat Me

Death did not defeat me, it momentarily slowed me down-
I came out on the other side, where my spirit now knows no bounds.
Death did not defeat me; over here, skies are fair.
The paths I walk down freely,
are filled with flowers beyond compare.
Death did not defeat me. On the contrary, it later sped me up.
for now my soul soars freely, behind every wishful thought.
Death did not defeat me:in way, shape, or form.
It just washed the world's pain away.from my weary, tired bones.
Death did not defeat me, but one thing it did do
was take my physical moments.away from all of you.
Death did not defeat me,
nor will it defeat any of you.
For death shows what we've accomplished on our physical plane.
what God had set out for us to do.

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This Poems Story

I began to write about who I am and what I like about poetry, then I realized that in writing this poem, I was inspired by the death of my mom. I knew I loved her, but didn't appreciate just how much until she passed on (such a cliché, but so true). There are times when I miss her; so to honor her and what she means to me, I have written words down that in turn have become poetry. I dedicate this poem to you, my mother, Margarita Carmen Yanez, with love from my heart. Your daughter, Annette V. Molina.