Death Hits

That golden blonde hair,
The shining dark blue eyes,
The blood dripping from your mouth,
The soft sweet sound your voice makes,
I am lying on the floor,
Looking at you makes me dream I never met you,
You're the demon roaming the streets,
You said not to get to close,
Why didn't I listen,
I feel the pain from my neck,
It hurts really bad,
I feel like I am dying,
You just stare at me,
I put my hands on my neck,
I feel the warm thick blood coming from my neck,
The blood feels sticky and slippery,
I look in your eyes,
You start to panic,
Tears start streaming down your face,
I put my hands on your face,
My blood starts to stain your face,
Your warm juicy lips made everything better,
Everything stopped,
That moment I knew what to say,
You complete me.

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