Death Is a Movie

Death is a movie simple and short.
Death is what makes up the last final words.
A flicker of light or a star that gleams bright,
All fade away in the deep cold night.

No matter who you were, or were going to be,
Death is what makes the future go free.
All the lies you make up, and all the things you succeed in,
Death is a movie I can never be me in.
All the people that he tore down, and all the people he pleased,
He will never be faithful, not faithful to me.

As the final breath approaches and the tears running down our faces,
I can't seem to remember my sins or my fate.
We don't play us in the world, we put on an act.
Our voices, our interests, they all go to waste.

How different is bad, how we should all be the same,
Is like dying right now if we all play it safe.
But a movie has closure, closure to be.
But in life there is no closure, no closure for me.
As the scene ends and the last lights fade,
Credits will roll on, right on your grave.

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