Death is here!

Death is coming, I can hear it now,
It's evil laugh carrying on the wind,
Cold shivers running down my spine,
Reaching out to grab a tree branch,
My heart ringing in my ears,
My heart beating faster and faster,
Hearing cars tires on cobblestones,
Uneven stones, jagged,
Sharp, blood-stained stones,
Hurting in all directions,
Paralyzed from the waist down,
My feet not hightailing it out of there,
Frozen in place,
As ice cold rain rained down on me,
Unable to speak unable to move,
Unable to do anything at all,
Once again the sound of Death,
But closer than before,
Trying to command my body to move,
But it did not,
My eyes start to bug out as Death nears,
The only thing I could do was shiver in my spot,
As Death stopped right in front of me,
Death is here!

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