Death is not the robber……we are!

Death is not the robber......we are!

Death is not particular of who it takes, it doesn't consider gender or race, nor religion or income, or even a famous last name.

We don't know much about dying or death, all we know is how we feel after our loved ones last breath.

We utter such things as "If only I had" "Why didn't I say that" "I was going to visit" "I hate our last spat"

We even think..... I was robbed when death makes its call...but robbing isn't what death does at all.

Death doesn't rob us of any one..... it just brings to remembrance what we should have done... being more loving, more attentive, more caring, more there, move available to hear you, but our time we couldn't spare.

So as we remember all we've lost, reflect on the world we've built and all cost.
Was it worth us being mean and calling it real.
Was it worth the effort to lie and be false.
Was it worth everything that we've lost.

Let's stop robbing ourselves of love, laughter, friends.
When death visit......who really wins.

Death isn't the robber of happy memories or missed do-overs.

Death doesn't cause us not to love. Death doesn't make us pass anyone by.

Death didn't brake a friendship or cause a big "I'm not speaking to you fuss".

No that's not death......that's us.

Written by Mary Bozeman.

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