Death Is Patient

Hot breathing, Hot air, the feeling past your face.
It's something you cannot have, something awful that is hurting you.
Don't you see? It's the brush of Death in your face.
It's mocking you.
It's telling you that you will die.
Don't focus your attention on it,
he will grow tired of this senseless play
He will know that you are putting a wall
Beat Death to his own game
Fight along the way with him on your heels
Understand, that you can die
At any moment he wishes to end your life
You have to accept it
But do not grieve on it
You must understand that every soul has a grim reaper
behind their heels
He is waiting.
When you find yourself staring at yourself in the mirror,
you find the face of Death
He found you
He mocks you
When you give him that one second of attention
He will snap his fingers, and in a moment, he will take you
Don't deny the power Death has
Its only fair
One day you will fall victim
because in the end
He wins

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