Death of a Soldier

Some days it hard being so far from away,
I pray to God to help me every day.
Every time I wake up I think about what I'm doing,
Then I hear the alarm and I have to get going.
There's a woman in front of the gate telling me she's thirsty,
As I bring her water one turns into thirty.
Out comes a rifle and bullets fly my way,
All that runs through my head is, will I be going home today.
I feel the warm lead enter my chest,
Somehow this bullet went straight through my vest.
Thoughts run through my head as I hit the floor,
I think about how next week I was supposed to walk through that door.
My friend runs to my side and asks if I'm ok,
All I can say is, I can see the light leading me away.
You look out your window and see the view of a man's head,
Then he arrives at your door and tells you that I am dead.
He tells you that I gave my life for my men,
I gave my one heroic life for their ten.
Though I may be gone I'll always be there with you,
Just think of my love and you'll make it through.

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