Death of the Leaves

Yet the sun rises, and the sun falls,
and the bell rings for a routinely cause,
grains of sand all around,
they are laughing and showing their smiles,
but the Acacia Tree feels all alone.

By each day, by each night,
soon it's goodbye to sun.
But while the sand is resting and calm,
without raising any alarm,
the Acacia Tree weeps itself to sleep.

Once months ago,
the Acacia was thriving and strong,
for it had a shell of leaves.
But in the season of the cold,
slowly and soundlessly,
A wind named God crept up quietly,
and swept the leaves from Acacia Tree,
taking them away to a higher home.

What remained was the tree.
no longer shelled from the world by the leaves,
cold, grieving, aloneness and bittersweet.
The only source of warmth,
is of the burning question:
Why has the wind betrayed the tree ?

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