Death Sticks

I loved when your kisses tasted like minty smoke,
Like you thought that a quick brush would
Take the cigarette off your breath,
But it never did, of course.

You always liked to pretend like it was a secret.
By the end, you would just say,
"I'm going to go outside for a minute"
And I would lay in bed and await
My fluoride & nicotine greeting when you returned.

I never really understood
Why you did it.
I would, on occasion, when I was drinking,
I think I thought it made me feel something.

But I guess you did it for
Reasons I never fully understood;
"It's just a bad habit." But I could tell
It made you feel better, somehow.

It was only after I didn't have
Your minty kisses to tease you about
That I think I started to get it.
I'm going to go outside for a minute.

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