Death to Mainstream

The devil on my shoulder is getting older by the minute,
While the angel in my ear is singing "Please, don't you give in!"
Sometimes it's hard to tell which one of them is really winning,
But if I can stop the sinning can this devil please stop grinning
(at me?)

I'm in a messed up reality, filled up with fallacies
That cloud my head like allergies, but that's just an analogy.
Now I'm fighting back when my demons try to battle me
I refuse to be a casualty of an addictive personality.

So what's gotten into me? Wasted all my energy.
The voices in my head turned into my own worst enemies.
Negativity repeated through all of my music,
And the music gave me an excuse to act stupid.

Confused as a youth I was easily influenced
My life was congruent with the mainstream movement,
The movement was pursuant of money, drugs, and sex.
It's all noise-pollution with true side effects.

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