Deathly Silence

What happens to anger when its quiet goes.
Dead Silence.
Quiet thoughts. Quiet responses.

Nothing is said though,
But what she said to you,
Is not all true.
And that small line of glue
That holds together her only last few hues of insanity
Will unfortunately break through and give the devil his due.
She says to you. "Oh, I'm all good. I'm fine. I just had a breakthrough, but don't worry it has been long overdue."

Those silent thoughts will click through and one day.
Nothing but the word hate, hate, and hate will be forced into her and will be way More than she can chew.
You'll believe it untrue, but her sanity cannot renew and there is no place to undo.
Her quiet was overthrown and is unknown if light can still shine through.
Her thoughts get louder and louder and louder and louder.
Never-ending like a hammer hitting harder and harder and harder
As she said the word "hate" prouder and prouder and prouder.

Her quiet is gone. It's all loud and strong. And all of a sudden,
I'd question myself how much before long is it time to stop playing along.
Are you really fine? Because her quiet thoughts have now become loud.

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