Deathly Songs and Hollow Hearts

The siren lies awake, overflowed with guilt.
For she sang her song too loudly.
For she forgot to be careful.
For she forgot to listen.

And now the little girl's parents are gone.
Now the girl is all alone.
No family.
No friends.
No love.
Nothing worth living for

The girl weeps so loudly that even the Martians on Mars can’t sleep
She has cried so long, there are no more tears left inside
So long that now when she cries,
pieces of her heart come pouring out instead.

The siren sits on her isolated island
Her minuscule, icy heart throbbing
The wailing is so broken-
that her eyes, never once been wetted by tears
sheds a single
So, the siren sits there
Wondering what will fix this
Wondering what will make that throbbing go away

The siren takes the crying girl,
and gives her food and money
and shells and toys and candy,
everything a child could want.

But ...
All that Stuff doesn’t matter
It doesn’t fill the hollowness inside the girl
And It doesn’t fill the hollowness inside,

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