Death's Accolade: Testament of a Believing Addict

I die to pain, and die to grief.
I die to shame--hold on belief.
I die to all that offers peace,
And let the lies I told to cease.
So die my-self, and die today.
Give up this fight to hide disgrace.
And in a muffled cry of prayer,
Debate defeat from self-despair.
No longer will I try in vain
To struggle on to win this game.
And as the final flame does dim,
I fall into that silent swim
To give my doubt and fear release,
And give myself--unto Thee.
I count on You to lift me out,
And ask if You could leave the doubt;
The heavy grief with filth and shame,
Replace with hope and life again.
So if to rise up one more morn,
And find that life has still been born;
I'll cry out, and ask to stay
--With You--the battle's end we'll sway.
This verse I cite at day's begin,
And ask that in small ways--we win.
Throughout the day with honest chore,
I'll hope--to live, then pray some more.

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