Death’s Curse

There is this man that I know, a stranger at least,
He has the dark empty soul of a terrible beast.
He's not from here, but he visits uninvited;
In the worst situations is where he is sighted.
He comes unexpectedly and sometimes on call:
With a blade, a poison or a fateful fall.
He snatches up lives when the hourglass commands,
He will create destruction wherever he lands.
There is no way of stopping fate once it's decided,
It would take a miracle to keep him divided.
But you're never safe; he will come back one day.
It happens to us all no matter how much we pray.
I have never actually met him, God forbid.
Well not yet. but a friend of mine did.
Slowly poisoned and possessed by a stranger,
Fighting like a warrior but bravery couldn't save her.
The evil shadow eventually lowered his hook,
Claiming the life next in his book.
Who gave him the right to choose who can live?
A man that will take and never give.
But in the end, maybe it isn't judgement or hate
That claims these lives, but simply fate?
But still I wish he would once again lower his hook
And return to me the friend he unfairly took.
Months have passed and he's decided to keep her.
That is the curse of the Grim Reaper.

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This Poems Story

I'm Tully Lockhart, I'm sixteen years old and my poem, "Death's Curse," explores the mystery and darkness behind the Grim Reaper. "Death's Curse" was written after the death of my beautiful cousin and best friend, Amanda, who passed away in March, 2014, at the age of nineteen after a long battle with cancer.