Death’s Love Story

She cries herself to sleep in the
age old moth eaten cot for she was a pain ,
an unimaginable stain in her own eyes.
She sought refugee in her damp thoughts
She lay tangled in mysterious knots
Everything that she yearns spits back at her
For what she yearned was never truly meant to be hers
In her sight everything seems dark and tight
If only she had a saviour, who could save her from this plight.
She suffers ,as the pain grows by every fight.
Her skin burns in the velvety folds of the night
For, she only stays in a dark corner where light seldom unites
Tears have become an age old friend ,who have sworn to never leave her till the end.
Now, she is at the edge of it
The hinges of her life come crashing down
As she falls into the arms of her wounds
Bound by her dreams outside
But her slashed soul pleads to let go and to bring peace inside.
She begs the pain to let go of her
To push her down into the longing embrace of death
But deep down she hopes for a saviour at least at the end.
But it is too late, For pain itself had shed tears for her
And had gently placed her in the arms of death
And death had loved her too much,
Because, since then he comes back for a young maiden as fair and fragile as his first love
now he sings the damsel in distress to sleep every night.

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