Deborah’s Room

Pearl white walls penetrated by black and blue paint.
Silenced, no speak say of why my life aint been easy.
Revolving wooden doors, no privacy of my untold story...illiteracy.
Tormented by demons of sin...
Attending church with the hypocrites
nodding,agreeing, and chanting"Amen".
Yes it was a man that entered my room
My terror and tears, his excitement.
Little girl grew up too fast in a cold, cruel world.
Fell heart first when he approached me.
Didn't notice his desert dry tongue seeking me to quench his thirst.
Days filled with smiles of happiness.
Followed by years of torment and mental stress.
If these walls could talk they'd tell more than just a story.
A fairytale of a sweet adolescent's journey through hell.
No regrets this is life right?
Some mistakes made twice.
My scars of war don't show.
You would never know unless I told you so.
Much pain but more gain of wisdom and understanding.
Leaning on God because he is the beholder of my greatness.
He determines when my time is up.
So my fight I'll continue, I refuse to let up.
I smile because I've won the battle.
I survived; I've lived to tell my story.

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