Every single strand of strength I owe you
Because when times were rough you still pushed through
For my sisters and brother
It didn't matter that we were struck by thunder
Fighting and fighting battles, my heroic father and mother

We lost jobs and plates of food
But not once did you lose hope nor exclude
Your faith to succeed and as a family survive
And so we fought to our most willingness strive

No money for a roof over our heads
Regardless our situation, you still looked ahead
We are survivors because of you two
Thank you for finding our passage and getting us through

How can two lovers since their teen years cope with so much?
Suffering by poverty since birth but still love playing double dutch
You've always seen the beauty in life
Never have given up or taken advantage of that knife
You've taught my siblings and me fruitful lessons
They will live within us and forever we will praise your essence

I will forever be in debt
I will work hard to repay
Regardless if I'm drowning in sweat

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