Decay [July 10, 2016]

The battlefield lays in a barren ruin
Men who once lived, now but an illusion
A memory long forgotten, written in history
Their corpses forever etched with marks of misery

As time passes, the years forever more
The battlefield remains a scar, broken and torn
The evidence of violence forever a reminder
No matter the age, we are never wiser

The world is locked in a state of decay
An endless cycle of hatred, lies and the betrayed
Men who've sworn their lives to the power of the insane
To fight against an enemy, led by the same charade

They kill and maim, flesh and bone
The stab and break, they tear down stone
They murder endlessly, under a banner of lies
More families broken, left with everlasting demise

The battlefield crimson, soaked with new blood
The bodies of the brave, tossed into the mud
A mountain of bodies, forever it is endless
It will never decay, for memories are deathless

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