My eyes have been deceiving me.
Ive seen things that just cant be.
Shadow lurking all around.
Dark of night is where there found.
Constantly traveling to and fro.
As if they have no where to go.
Searching out the dimmest light.
Once its found more take flight.
And if one or two dont do the trick.
Ten or twenty will be their quick.
Relentlessly seeking to destroy.
It is there game and we are there toy.
Most men dont even have a clue.
As if there eyes are shut with glue.
A master magician with a masters plan.
Hiding its secrets by the slide of a hand.
Keeping use distracted by useless chatter.
So we never truly see the only things that matter.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem a few years back in the middle of the night as i watch shadows dancing on the walls.