December 17

December 17 that day on replay in my head
I felt my heart stop when they told me my soulmate was dead
I’ll never forget how they slandered my baby name
I’ll never look at the people that was supposed to help us the same
for nights I cried myself to sleep I would see you in my dreams
waking up angry you were gone all I could do was scream
you were my first love I couldn’t understand why I found myself wishing I could close my eyes die but our baby inside helped mommy be strong
made me pick my head up cause I wasn’t alone
I picked up a bible I started to pray
this really opened my eyes and It was time to have some faith
God needed my attention so I gave him it all
it was time to walk with him to ensure I didn’t fall i wish heaven had phone just wanna hear your voice again
wish we could hug one more time I really lost my best friend December 17

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