deceptive truth

I'm battered, bitter and beaten take one look you see I won't be defeating any of these demons at the present but that's just it I'm vested in the process haven't cut my losses just yet and I'll bet you never suspected someone would relish and being subjected to the imperfected art of life I'll buy two houses and a hotel and nobody can roll for me I gotta be the realest of reals or I forfeit and forget and someday maybe I'll find a way to stay sane but until then I won't win I won't give in either truth is a deceiver when you don't want to see clear you can smell the fear year after year after year we are tripping over our souls trying to get the goal but you see from my perspective high up in my own mind I find the goal on the edge of a cliff and we're tripping over ourselves and others chasing that shit stepping on brothers all the way to the cliff with no caution we're liable to sail right over the edge of success into the abyss past Bliss through to Oblivion and when it's done we're all in a fucking heap at the bottom a bunch of sheep to the slaughter and no chance no chance of ever getting out slow down and do it right maintain control and sight do it for the love not the fight

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