I found myself standing in a room
I had a weapon in my right hand and a diploma in my left
I had my back to my haters and I was facing my demons
As I was turning around I saw a light behind the demons
I knew if I leave now I would never see that light again
I slowly crept through the demons
When I passed them, I saw a closed door
My hands were full and I had to drop something
Call me crazy, but I dropped my weapon
I held my diploma to my chest with dear life and opened the door
On the other side I was assaulted by light, it was everywhere
In the flashes of light, I saw words
To my surprise it was all my dreams floating in front of me
I held my breath and took a step forward, then another and another
I could tell that it was coming to the end
I felt a pressure in my chest
Am I dying, am I having a heart attack?
I gripped my hand to my chest and started moving forward
When the light started to dim, I saw three doors
One was labeled "home," another "school," and the last one "unknown"
I looked at the doors and realized, this is it
On this road I had to make a lot of decisions, so why hesitate?
I step towards a door, I followed my heart
The doorknob I was twisting belonged to the unknown
I held my breath, ready to scream
When I pushed open the door, I smiled. I knew I made the right choice

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