We're going threw a phase of transition,
this generation lacking respect & ambition.
Family time, story rhyme lost from tradition
young kids motivation is meer repetition,
To be seen instead to be known for recognition,
Of what the last fellow lost in critical condition.
In addition they lack knowledge but
continue to catch the lack of an opposition,
All it takes is a face recognition.
So caught up in our worlds
we are blinded by the government destroying expedition.
No chance in the colored audition,
wasn't even given a fair commission to be the lead role
but instead given the clean up position.
Music & media is there intermission
To astray our soul to decomposition.
Theirs your answer to not listen to politicians.
Caught in the crossfire of wars with morticians,
we fail to see the growing war of malnutrition.
3.1 million every year for ammunition but
not even 3.1 signatures for a justice or food petition.

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