Once said a naive wise man
'Life isn't worth living
If to others you aren't giving'
The 'life' what we call
After we die people around us fake bawl
If life is just endowing
Is life worth living?
When your deeds count after your death
Not when you have your breath
It hurts It bothers
When you don't get what you deserve from others
But you still hope
And with this you falll down the slope
You reach the abyss
And get a death's kiss
Then you realise
After your demise
People are fighting for your wealth
That work of sweat
All your good deed
Now in the hands of greed
The world's pleasant cacophony
Has engulfed your symphony
Trapped in misery
And desiring for unbounded luxury
Will this ever come to an end?
Is this gonna extend?
The confusion pertains
Unanswered it remains

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