Deep Love

The love i have for you, in words i can not begin expressing
The closest i come to interpreting my love is in a gaze that has no ending
Or in a kiss that
Even on-starers broken hearts has no choice but to beckon mending
no words are strong enough
nor powerful enough to describe how deep of a love I have for you
How deep?
How deep?
Its deep enough that it don't stop at my core
It digs deeper creating a whole other dwelling
making the sensation of you seem everlasting and that much more
its so deep that when i smell something
that reminds me of even the hint of your fragrance
the sight of you isn't just wanted, its need is as strong as a pregnancy craving
Words can't describe how deep my love is
but they describe the sensation I get because of it
From the tingles that sit on top of my skin
or the flutter of my heart, making my heart skip a beat again and again
Or the combination of my heart and my lungs
loosing breath, and my heart pounding with thuds because of this strong deep love
My love cant be described in words
only in feelings
Because there aren't any word to express this deep love
that you are stealing

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