Deep thoughts

Lately I've been in deep thoughts.
Thinking about you and the feelings a caught.

So much hope and emotion racing through my head.
Just yesterday you were reciting the words "I love you" while laying in my bed.

I'm in deep thoughts about love and depression
I wish you would tell me how you feel through non-aggression.

Paranoia got my stomach hurting from pain we tried to cover.
Thought I was the one but come to find out I'm just one outta how many others?
You were just ready to commit, but now you're done?
These deep thoughts got me confused and anxious to speak one-on-one.

Who was the one there when water got rough?
It's crazy how you could play me, and make me feel like I'm the one who wasn't good enough.

I fell in your trap and now I'm stuck
All these rumors floating around leaving me dumbstruck

I still ask myself why I can't get you off my mind.
Thought we could move on and put the past behind.

You know I'll be here if you decide to call...
But I know you'll only call when buildings start to fall.
Will I ever give my heart to someone else?
Not at all...

I'm just so sick of being just one of your options
I should've been more careful but instead I carelessly proceeded without caution.

All I want is your unconditional love but I realize that's a long shot.
So I'm sitting here thinking stuck in my deep thoughts...
~Lexie K.

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