Deeper Me

I wish time could just stop
So I would have the patience to reach the top
I want success not for the fame
But to avoid the fear of living in shame

As an Eagle Scout, I am expected to do my best
Yet I feel that I am lacking, and must confess
I put too much emphasis on doubt
I whisper when really I should shout

I need to become my dream
With a self-confidence I must redeem
All I need to do is give it a shot
So I can be everything I think I'm not

Maybe life isn't one big test
But rather finding myself on a long quest
To discover someone I never met
A side of me that doesn't live with regret

Someone who sees beauty in what is new
Someone who can cope with what is true
Our meeting would clean the slate
By creating a mutual fate

I will not leave life up to chance
But be firm and take a stance
For I am everything I want to be
All I have to see is a deeper me

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