Deeper Than An Ocean

My Love is deeper than an ocean, brighter than the sun
Softer than a ball of cotton, she is my one and only one
Never to be forgotten, it it now beyond a friend I need,
She is all I have looked for, those dull days are free'd
This woman I now adore, I need not look anymore,
I have not made a mistake, she is all I can ask for

She came and sought me out, and I thank the heavens,
Many nights have gone unanswered, this angel is my lift
I will someday understand, why this woman is my gift
I am overwhelmed with joy, she is my once in a lifetime girl,
A lady that I will give my all, my love, my sensual being
With no questions asked, she is my beautiful woman I'm seeing

I am hers, this man she chose, this dedicated loving male
This guy is in a daze, he is one of unfailing intentions,
And one more thing, I will never cause a hurt, I must mention,
The goodness she has shown to me, I do promise to return,
It is a pact I do have to give, and is one thing I did learn,
Love is not something taken, it is a precious gift to earn

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