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Not bothering with his shrew
Chewing, slurping, lip smacking
He takes a deep breath
Chewing, slurping, lip smacking
She was grinning, happy as a kangaroo
She chews, “chump, chump, and chump”
Irritated like a shrew
He drew a deep breath
Pop, goes the sound
As if on queue
She smacks her lips Chewing on that gum
“chump, slurp, chump”
He fidgets, reminding himself
He stares, giving the little girl a glare
“Chump, chump, chump”
She chews, louder than before Glaring back, without a care
Eyebrow raised She blew a bubble
Pop, it spread on her face
She grabbed it and put it back in her mouth
“Chump, smack, slurp”
Pop, chump, smack, slurp
Was all he could hear boiling
“Chump, chump, chump”
He wishes to use glue
He is defeated by a two year old with a bubble gum
She starts to clap, while chewing
Hysterical by his reaction
She doubles over Laughing
Chewing, clapping, jumping and stumping

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