Define Love

Finger the page, under the L's
You may not see the light; you may not hear the bells
Because the text after the o, the v, and the e
Barely makes an us out of the you and the me

It doesn't mention the yesterday, today and tomorrow
Or when we've lost ourselves and had each other to borrow
It tries to find love a synonym
But love is something born without a twin

Not utopia, not perfection
Not passion, not affection
It's a little of all but not one of any
Because words to describe love are too few and too many

The meaning of love is not in Webster's field
It is in the sort of weapons we choose to wield
If we make our hearts full and open for more
The meaning of love will be right at our doors

But love's antonym can be found
Within Webster's very same pages, it's bound
But it's not only in the H's; it is also in the world
So we need extra love to mend the pain it unfurls

So when kids ask what love is, don't simply shrug
Show them with smiles and kisses and hugs
Because love is the greatest gift we can give
Because love is the reason for which we all live

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