Define Reality

The troubles that never really appear,
the signs we can never really see,
writing without ink is like running without seeing,
believing is impossible especially when you're dreaming.
You're not the best is the only thing I'm hearing,
money kills is the only thing I'm fearing.
Emotional suffering, people who die out of lusting.
Money on a payroll, Daddy left before I was a day old.
They don't understand me, not even the friends or the enemies.
Feeling awake but the realists await.
Time and time my instincts told me: be the best or be forever lonely.
Don't believe the lies that have been flowing around,
Hollywood most wanted but the other way around.
Dream chasing kills and has no route,
reality is now not when you feel like you've been in doubt.
The encouraging statement has been lied to me,
let's do this and define reality.

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