Defining Love

What is love?
Love is when you can look at something,
but your heart and your mind disagree on what you see.
You can look at a pair of eyes in the moonlight and see silver,
The rational mind will tell you that there is no silver, only eyes.
However in love there is no place for the rational mind.
The rational mind is destroyed by love.
What is love?
love is overpowering and unstoppable irrationality.

Why is love?
Love is the one thing that can fill the holes.
Money and power may bring you stability,
its rational to want stability,
But with stability you blind yourself.
Blind yourself into thinking the holes have been filled,
for if you are stable why would you seek to fill the holes?
This allows for true happiness to slip through the strainer,
the strainer for happiness that has become your life.
Why is love?
Love is instability,
forcing us to ensure our footing and to check for holes.

Where is love?
Fortunately my friends,
That is the easiest question you could ever ask yourself.

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