Defining Wishes

Focus my blurred view
So I can see what others see

Give me a reason to rise in the morning
Bring something to my life
That beats empty sleep

Paint over my grey canvas
With colors and emotion
Make everything that I am
Clear to myself and everyone else

Give me the light I’ve never had
That so many seem to have from birth
The ones who run about in ecstasy
Towards things they don’t see
And away from me

Observe my monotonous life
Analyze every action
And tell me you find anything
But pathetic compensations
In the few things I’m not forced to do
But choose to do

Become what god should be
Know everything about me
All the love and hatred
All the phases of ignorance
All the truth and lies
That have hurt so many
And tell me you love and forgive me

Rip apart the foundation of my intelligence
Made up mostly of corrupting insecurities
In a place where so few ever care
All it brings is doubt and isolation
Even if I beg and cry
And tell you it's all I have
Make all the things I think I understand
Into things I see and feel and love

Whisper to me in my dreams
When my guards are low
And emotions high
Tell me I’m more than a bag of flesh
That floats around in space
With a finite understanding
And infinite limitations
Writing a list of questions
That will never be answered

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This Poems Story

A list of wishes that describe human limitation from my point of view.