When I was 12, my mama asked me,what is a mother?
I was too stubborn and ungrateful to utter
The words "you Mama" I didn't say or mutter
I was ignorant, because my mother is great like no other
Now that I'm grown and have 3 kids of my own
A mother should be treated like a queen on her throne
As a youth, I was blind, but it was definitely shown
A Mother is a woman who conceives and births you
A Mother is a woman who feeds and births you
A Mother is a woman who won't leave or desert you
A Mother is a woman who won't deceive or hurt you
Though theres no perfect mother, she might be mean an irk you
She might even yell, scream,hit or curse you
Out!!! But that's just what some old birds do
But disrespect your mother, you should never get the urge to
A Mother teaches you, a Mother trains you
When u feel defeated, a Mother sustains you
Spoil you,and be loyal and remain true
She can bring sunshine when it rains too
Even when times are rough, a Mother can make things smooth as butter
Now that is definitely the "DEFINITION OF A MOTHER"

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