Definition of Love

Love is a bind, a passion, and a commitment,
That two strongly connected people share.
Love is about falling asleep and waking up,
With this person being the only vision you see.
Love is when you hold each other tight,
And never let go until your dying second.
Love is about knowing what the other person’s thinking,
Without even having to ask.
Love is when you give up your last breath,
Just so the one you care about has one more.
Love is when you get that sparkle in your eye,
Whenever they just glimpse at you.
Love is when you melt into a puddle,
When this person tells you they’re there for you.
Love is when you’d go through a battlefield of bombs,
Just to get to them on the other side.
Love is when you get that pit of your stomach feeling,
Like you know that you are doing a perfect thing.
Love is about being right behind this person,
So when they fall, you’re right there to catch them.
Love is about every moment with them on your mind,
Because they’re all you seem to be able to think about.
Love is about falling into it,
Because it’s the most exciting part.
Love is about understanding this person,
The way that no one else ever can.

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