Deja Va

I've been here with you before. I was in search of the truth.
My mind is slowly taking control of my feelings;
Feelings that I once shared with you. Everything is different now,
and I'm wondering how? How did we end up back here?
One word to describe my emotions is fear. I'm hoping change is near
Trying my hardest not to shed a tear. Longing to feel your love.
Craving for your touch. Yearning for your kiss. But as always
in the end I get dissed.
I realize it's time to split and just call it quits.
You're constantly throwing my heart in the pits.
Now it's broken and can't be fixed.This is all too familiar.
You have yet to correct your failures. You made the rules and
didn't follow them. You didn't do what you said you would.
All I asked for was honesty. Instead you continued to lie and
embarrassed me. Not only did you hurt me but you hurt our family.
I was afraid to let you back in because I was scared of how this
end. Now I'm completely confused because I lose my friend.
I'm back where I started. Figuring things out on my own, still
searching for a better home. I can't allow myself to come back here
I have to let go of love exchange for security and stability
I've found my independency. Feeling less pressure to measure up to
whom you thoughtI should be. I fell down but now with my head
held high I can finally
see and I'm finally free.

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