Déjà vu

I wake up again with you on my side bearing as pain.
Why every time you said you love me, it’s not what I see?
Why every time you lie to me, I felt I was here already?

I fix the bed while you’re there, kiss wakes you and you rarely.
The ticks of love being there, had to take you and kiss you purely but forcedly.
Why every time I love you I felt I was dead here already?

I stir my coffee and stir yours, now you walk out of our home’s door,
I think every time I say ‘I love you’, I make myself down.
I think every time we make love; I ride myself way down.

‘I love you’ is a word for honest people,
You don’t deserve that word at all.
But I still omit it for your happiness.

You’ll get home and hug you tight, the scent of your suit ain’t right.
Why every time I confront you I came the rudest person?
Why every time it goes, I feel I’m not an important person?

You’re the only person who did this to me.
I must tell you this:
I’m a witch, and a stitch in destiny’s unfortunate times
Better be ready to consequence, my mind’s full of crimes.

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