Light appeared wrapped around her soul
Ready to conquer the darkest spots,
Empower her mind with strength and beauty,
Removing the filthy clots.
Time stops as a kiss caresses her lips
Fading away the endless marks,
Leaving behind a gentle touch upon the cheek,
Guiding the light along the harps.

Sound enriches her spirit,
Spreading the light far beyond,
Covering every inch of darkness
With ageless music forbidden to respond.
She consists of inter-cut fragments
Needing to be delicately handled,
Placed in an elegant jar,
Hidden behind a brightened candle.

Eyes pierced with emotion,
A heart soaked in gold,
Words chasing the endless night
Grasping for a thought to hold,
Letting the wind help her grow and
Alter every last past memory,
Breathing in a hopeful life
Just for a final taste of misery.

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