Delicately Woven Dreams

The clock's number will rise to 12
Then it falls to 1 and takes the helve
of the dagger that pierced my heart
And wound it up so it would restart;
For there I lay frozen in time,
Lost in memory of reason and rhyme;
Now I lay unfrozen in this black abyss
With a lingering memory of an artist's kiss,
Who painted this canvas so it was no longer black,
And I could see the colors that I used to lack
But soon the memory of color fades away
As brothers named Long and Lonely threaten to stay;
Oh how I always beg them to leave
To escape I close my eyes and slowly I breathe;
Sometimes I do feel lost, my dear,
And I sleep sometimes with my cheeks stained by tears
Yet the simple, "I love you," is a saving grace
For then I sleep with a smile painted across my face;
Either way, I close my eyes
To see color again in the form of blue skies
For in this world I am happy to wait
With hopes the time won't wake me till late
It is here I'll stay and here I'll wait
For I can only see you in this peaceful state,
Unless a nightmare attacks the seams
Of my delicately woven dreams

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