Delightfully Distorted

Kayla Lee you are bewitching
you are fascinating you are a sight to behold
you are able you are appreciated
you are worth more than what they will ever know or touch or want
you are the strongest person you know
you are the most high able to reach elevation, too,without the medication
you are bewitching Kayla Lee
upon your creation He dusted your cheeks with petals and placed the whole world in your eyes
and we all would agree that the sun sets just to watch you shine
you are a teacup dainty and delicate every curve to be handled with such care
you are just everything you are the only thing
you are the light at the end of the tunnel you are the blaze of desire
behold the thoughts of Kayla Lee
behold the beaconing burgeon of hope only digressed by the glint in her eyes
behold her mind behold her heart
behold her reaching out
behold her grasping on
your skin is buttery velvet
your voice is a sweet whisper
the master of creation is in awe of this creature he created

By Kayla Lee

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