As you restricted the flood of senses in my soul
and slammed the last window
where the light entered my world,
I became the slave of my rampageous rage,
tasting a bit chagrin and a bit revenge.
Could you feel my silent bleeding
in this damned and blackened silence?
Which was violently leading me
to non-compliance?
You slipped away from my dismal and absurd destiny at once
as the brightest and sibylline star.
I wish you were something else,
either a compelling dream or a lucky talisman
however what to do so far,
the most dangerous you are -
a femme fatale - benevolent, nice woman...
You sparkled in the mass
like gold is distinguished from all other elements.
You can run away,
but anyway your spirit complements
my dark futilities forever.
Even from afar I can feel your laughter,
like an instant thunderstorm lightning upon my head
and leading me to the madness
with the conversations inside my brain:
'- Believe me...
- Leave me...
- Trust me...
Get me...
- Forget me...
- Keep me...
Keep me...
Keep me!
- You hurt me!
- Forgive me...
Just roughly try me!
Yet you are my essence which cannot be evaded
neither by you nor by me...'
I remember everything even with my awful memory...
It was autumn,
Leaves were falling like my last esperances,
but then and in that small room
blossomed the trees of life with your laughter
shattering all the gloom and after,
the whole ruins of my existence
were covered with colorful flowers
and turned into a scenic place...
I will water that meadow
which you brought to me as an early spring
and I will keep it evergreen.
Now you are in my pale palms,
like my broken, foolish fate
as near as you have never been.
I see the clouds and storms approaching,
The fiction of destiny is completely plain
My sketchy anger and self-destruction
are crying and calling again,
I am falling again
and I have to cling to!
Have to cling!
Have to!
Keep me...
Keep me...
Keep me...
You are in my pale palms,
You are in my palms,
So, nothing can hurt me,
Nothing can hurt me!

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