Delivering News

It is called a good news sandwich,
Tasteless but more tasteful and digestible
Than less considerate, or more direct feed.
Back end load bad tidings;
Start with a positive piece.
Encourage, discourage, give courage again.
Hopeful, then helpful.I hope you can hear me?

What are the good news book ends when I tell
my son our lappable toy dog with the curly licorice
hair who treasures toting by caring hands
and chases scooters raced by her four juvenile handlers
cavorted with the English budgie too roughly,
judging by the fan of feathers at the base of the stairs.
And his small, mottled blue body not moving
at the top of the landing. Carried gently so as not to bleed
by a winsome pup eager for engagement.

Full stop. Dying news deserves grief. Taste this grief and grieve.
Young tears bookended by adult anguish. It is a bitter meal
regardless of the start. Yet death is parcel of full life.

And there is life still past death. Some news
is just news. You know
when you taste good news.

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