By Caleb   

It was just one and it was unwanted
There should have been more but that's all there was that haunted—
my face and soaked my skin while building up a good-bye that never seems to end—
The frustration with today's work is granted by the unending mercy of those who hate me
and have yet to meet me
It was just one pouring over the amount of time that it takes to realise that this is good-bye
Just one took me all the way down, through a path— unsure
Yes it was more than I knew was ever there before—
Hardships and vessels of love are silent without knowing the real way to keep bold secrets quiet—
Without knowing the real you and passing all of that time inside a place full of leaks and then drowning not in sorrow and neither in disbelief
but in the understanding that I'm the only one bombarded with fragments of debris that was left by more than someone and forced to keep a distance that drives language worlds apart and the imagination can hear who says that there is no heart
Quiet drops of moisture fill the ground beneath me
Rising from all of the past that was left just for me to tend to—
Unlike inanimate life—
Lifting up from the deep is not an easy cry—
Writing disturbances of heartache that no one cares to read
Lost in the air of water
so blue and believed

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This Poems Story

Deluge is about mistakes. One mistake could reveal a lifetime of confusion and sometimes even after the mistake is fixed or left alone to give time the chance to heal the wound, events surrounding it still don't work in the favor of positivity. A flood of emotions and misunderstandings and acceptances with exhausted explanations to provide an adequate picture of the situation may be part of the journey taken in the mishap of mistakes. It was just one, is the reference to real dreams that turn into nightmares. Even so, that doesn't stop the ideas of more in life, all throughout life that keep happiness and understanding near as easy as work is today compared to the work that was performed thousands of years ago.