Sleeping on the floor with cries of better days.
"Hard work and you'll prosper, no one will be left behind."
There's hope!
Dead love and cold hearts with hopes of warmth.
"Give me time and I'll change."
There's hope!
Empty fridge with moans of hunger.
"I'll never leave your side."
There's hope!
I've accepted words, neglecting the blur, believing the hype.
Broken heart with submission.
"Give yourself to me and you'll never be alone."
There's hope!
Eyes filled with sadness.
"I never want to see you hurt."
There's hope!
Hard work with an empty account.
"Put the time in and we'll take care of you."
There's hope!
Awaiting action, using every distraction, believing the hype.
Shadows filled with neglect.
"You're my daughter; I'll always love you."
There's hope!
Be strong with confidence.
"You only need to lose a little weight."
There's hope!
Blind with loyalty.
"I'll never send you into an ambush."
There's hope!
Scars of betrayal.
Promises with no follow up.
Love turned cold based on words, but it'll be all right.
There's hope!

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This Poems Story

Keshia Smith is an African-American woman, born and raised on the south side of Chicago. She completed high school at the age of sixteen and is seeking to find her purpose. After three years of completing college, Keshia decided to dictate her own path in life. Attending writing courses while tending to her responsibilities, she felt the need to write full time emerge. The sole purpose of Keshia's writings is hoping her past experiences will ignite passion in others to follow their dreams.