Demanding Hope

Like a newborn's sigh of relief at the scent of her mother's skin
Like the warmth of the afternoon sun on my wrinkled forehead
Like a first kiss between two unexpected lovers under a starry sky
Like the peace of mind that comes with hearing my mother's voice

Hope demands to be felt
Hope demands to be shared
Hope demands to be seen
Hope demands to live

Like the thousand happy endings that are prayed for
Like a helping hand in the most challenging of times
Like the ocean of tears I have cried for the ones I miss
Like a pillow to cuddle when slipping into sweet dreams

Hope demands to be craved
Hope demands to be heard
Hope demands to rise
Hope demands to fly

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This Poems Story

I am an Iranian-American living the United States since 1984. I am a full-time political science professor at a wonderful and reputable community college in Southern California. I write poetry as often as my schedule permits me and I find it highly therapeutic. I write from the depths of my heart and soul about the dynamics of the human spirit. I write openly and honestly and hope that others may see a bit of themselves in my poems. Love defines me. Family defines me. Despite times when life can be quite difficult and challenging, I carry a tremendous, stubborn optimism inside of me which shines through. I thank you for reading my poems.