Demons Dance

Demons dance within my mind,
flooded memories, in overtime.
Sleep is a long forgotten friend.
You can't make sense, so no amends.

Each day you live to see your end,
each night the dance starts again.
Will you ever leave it all behind?
Comfort is lost, in your tired mind.

Morals, traditions, inside tattooed,
my values have become unglued.
My curse is to see my reality so clear,
I'm a dinosaur left standing here.

Society, along with friends, and peers,
all lead with their endless stabbing jeers.
I stick with my convictions that define me,
condemning me to restless dancing misery.

The world I grew up and truly believed in,
has fallen to dust and blown in the wind.
So that on this stage I stand alone today,
defiantly, carrying on, forever, my own way.

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This Poems Story

Change is not always for the good...and your day will come when you take account and see how far our world has digressed in your life time. What have you given up in the name of social progress. Sad but true.