Demons of the Dark

It's 6 am and time to quit the bed
Time to fight tiredness, eyes that are swollen and red
There isn’t anyone at home but still I am not alone
Don’t overthink, my umpteen demons are never gone

They love me and don’t let me do any chore
But let me stare vacuously in the air
They even inspire me to be expressive
Of which mostly is self-destructive and impulsive

I nurture my friends with my dipping self-esteem
And they annihilate me even in my dreams
I even try to step out with their permit
But they cajole me and make me quit

These bloody friends that sleep under my bed
Not only they are possessive, I feel they want me dead
Now I have surrendered my will to socialize
And I am happy to sulk and agonize

I often look into the mirror with glee
Only to see a mirage of me
I feel this is my apogee
But Alas I am yet to be free

My desires to stay isolated are tonnes
Sadly, it’s now time to face the humans

No one here acknowledges depression
It’s a deplorable thing in question
They say these are delusions
Helping me wallow in suppression

I know that world is not right
Rather with myself, this is a mighty fight
Every time they push me away
I head towards my friends at home right away

Now the night has fallen already
My pals are getting under my bed slow and steady
Time to sleep now and get some rest
Tomorrow will again be a new day to be depressed

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