Den of a Lion Pen

Midday brings about the scorching heat,
at a local zoo, a monstrous lion bathes in the sunlight,
Onlookers are paralyzed when its merciless eyes catch
the fallen boy, sprawled in its small but deadly pen,
who shakes and coughs and looks up slowly, to a curios king.

A hungry glare, and a lick of the lips
A shake of its golden-brown silk fur, and a sharp growl.
Brawny legs fire, each muscle fiber seen, fine dust flies and trail
the female feline shot towards its prey, gracefully,
until she is upon him, where he sees each detail in her green iris

Faces touch, gazes held,
the wide eyed boy is frozen, fear gripping his scream, time passes,
Deep purr, the intrigued lion gives a sniff
Touches and prods with its nose, flicks a tongue, gives a taste.
A nudge, another purr, backs-up, turns away- interest lost.

The proud lion prances, a rocky den in the center of the pit
three little, fuzzy heads pop out, curious and excited
Make room and surround their mom.
She looks back, a crying boy, escorted out by keepers
A yawn, and a stretch, and they sleep.

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