Deny Your Tears

By Dani C   

The reason I deny you cry over me
is not because I don't believe you.
It's because I can't stand the thought of you crying.

Tell me what's on your mind
Tell me the truth
Don't be lying

I know you're hurting inside, girl
I know your thoughts are flying
I'm trying, trying to be supportive
Trying to help cure your emotional burden.

I can only do so much, so much
But sometimes that's not enough.
It's unnerving.
Please, let me in, girl
To better understand your suffering.

I'm dying inside
Please, let me in
I'm not bluffing.
I don't like to see your emotions depleting
I'd rather help and see you succeeding.

Believe me. Trust me.
We can conquer this together.
Believe me. Trust me.
You're not alone.

Let me hold you
In my arms.
You don't have to go through this on your own.

Let me hold you
And wash away your fears.
I won't deny your tears,
I'll make you feel at home.

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