Departed loved one

As I sit down on a bench.
My mind is hollow, so exhausted.
Leaving me alone is a wrench.
O, woe is me, that you already departed.

I wanna be in a place that is idyllic.
Free from distress and pressure.
I'm facing a desolation and I'm sick.
This pain is unbearable, so sore.

I'm grieving that you immediately disappear
And I'm in a state of great affliction.
The shattered pieces of my heart brought me to tear.
My mind is crowded, I'm feeling mixed emotion.

But I need to stand firm and rise.
Despite this pain that is haunting me.
They say, Time heals and Time flies.
And I must keep going on my way.

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    This Poems Story

    I created this poem for those who are grieving of the death of their loved ones.